Lake Winnipeg – East Side Montage

Posted on March 11th, 2010

The Voices of the Land video educational project is under way. The video will promote greater cultural understanding of the traditional lifestyles and history of Indigenous Peoples, on the East Side of Lake Winnipeg, and will encourage a respectful attitude toward Indigenous Peoples and the caretaking role they play on their traditional territories and the east side boreal forests.

Video recorded interviews with Elders will preserve their teachings for future generations. Many Elders are now gone and those who remain have a great deal to offer in terms of their knowledge of the land and the relationship that Indigenous Peoples play in caring for it.

Our Indigenous Peoples lived in harmony with the earth for thousands of years. In this time of industrialization, large scale resource extraction and climate insecurity, the Elders can play a significant role in directing us to a renewed relationship of balance between the earth’s natural systems and the resources we use for our survival and comfort.

Enjoy majestic east side landscapes and hear The Voices of the Land, a work in progress, of the Boreal Action Project and Eyedz Productions.

Contact: for more info or to donate to this unique video production. Watch this space for featured preview clips.