East side forests essential

Posted on June 18th, 2007

By Ron Thiessen

Source: Winnipeg Free Press - Letters to the Editor

Eva Pip hit the nail on the head with her statement about industrial logging and its negative effects on Lake Winnipeg. The boreal forests in eastern Manitoba capture phosphorus that would otherwise enter the lake, causing increased algae blooms and reduced oxygen levels. In other words, the east side forests are an essential component in saving Lake Winnipeg for humans and wildlife.

It’s a critical time to create large protected areas on the east side of Lake Winnipeg before considering expansion of industrial activities in the region. A great start would be the province living up to its long overdue commitment to permanently protect the 8,000 sq.-km. Poplar-Nanowin Rivers park reserve — an area 20 times the size of Winnipeg. Poplar River First Nation has requested these lands and waters be safeguarded from industrial developments, which would facilitate its plans for a sustainable economy that includes eco and cultural tourism.


Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society Manitoba Chapter