Tory Leader Hugh McFadyen Gets A Message – No East Side BiPole

Posted on May 25th, 2010

McFadyen holds a CD containing almost 10,000 letters from concerned international citizens

Today, Manitoba Tory leader Hugh McFadyen got a message from nearly 10,000 international supporters of the proposed UNESCO World Heritage Site, who agree with the Province of Manitoba that the east side of Lake Winnipeg is no place for Manitoba Hydro’s next major transmission corridor – BiPole 3.

The Manitoba leaders of the Boreal Forest Network, the Wilderness Committee and the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society personally delivered the letters to McFadyen, the main proponent for an east-side hydro-corridor routing.

The groups made it clear that a major hydro transmission pathway through the region would jeopardize Manitoba’s chance of UNESCO granting the area World Heritage Site status.

People across North America are recognizing the ecological and cultural values of the largest intact boreal forest on earth, and are standing up to ensure conservation opportunities aren’t lost to unchecked industrial developments. The Heart of the Boreal is one of the greatest storehouses of carbon, and greatest sources of fresh water on the planet. First Nations communities in the Heart of the Boreal are putting conservation and communities first by insisting on protection for the lands and waters of the east-side boreal area.

The letters were delivered on a CD together with blank sheets of paper visually representing the number of letters. Mr. McFadyen was encouraged to use the 100% post-consumer-recycled, non-chlorine-bleached paper in his office.

The U.S.-based Natural Resources Defense Council initiated the action alert with the support of the Canadian groups, and is working to assist in educating North Americans about the conservation opportunity on the east side of Lake Winnipeg.