East Side Protection Welcomed

Posted on June 28th, 2011

Source: Winnipeg Free Press Letters to the Editor (Unpublished)

Re: Manitoba protects over 800,000 hectares boreal forest, land for UNESCO bid (June 16)

An ancient and largely undisturbed wilderness, about 20 times the size of Winnipeg, is now legally protected from industrial activities such as logging, mining, and hydro developments.

Congratulations to Poplar River First Nation for their hard work and determination to safeguard part of the world’s largest intact section of Boreal Forest. I also applaud the Manitoba government, environmental groups, and Manitoba citizens for supporting large-scale wilderness protection in the region. This is a great day in Manitoba history.

The Boreal is the world’s largest source of fresh water and the northern lungs of the planet. As only about 1/5th of the world’s original forests remain intact, protecting the region on the east side of Lake Winnipeg has positive environmental implications across the globe.

Ron Thiessen

Executive Director

Canadian Parks & Wilderness Society – Manitoba chapter