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Support the Manitoba government’s efforts to create a World Heritage Site in the Heart of the Boreal

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Subject line: Create a World Heritage Site in the Heart of the Boreal – Say no to an industrial transmission line

Dear Premier Selinger,

I support your commitment to work with local First Nations to create a World Heritage Site on the east side of Lake Winnipeg. You have rightly decided that the Heart of the Boreal is no place for industrial development such as a major transmission line. The old-growth woodlands and clear waters of this region – an irreplaceable part of the world’s unspoiled, intact boreal forest ecosystem – are of global importance and deserve permanent protection.

As you know, indigenous communities have identified conservation opportunities all across Canada’s boreal forest and the communities in Manitoba have been at the forefront of this vision. I appreciate your government’s leadership in supporting the World Heritage Site, as well as your efforts to keep hydropower transmission corridors out of these boreal lands.

Yet some in Manitoba are calling for revisiting of the decision to site a major transmission line elsewhere. I urge the Manitoba government to hold strong and not allow a transmission line through the pristine boreal forest on the east side of Lake Winnipeg. Instead, I urge you to move rapidly towards establishment of a World Heritage Site that will confirm the global natural and cultural significance of these boreal lands.